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Workshops are
age/stage-of-life specific


Young Singles

Enable successful relationship building

As you move into the adult world, the challenge of developing and maintaining mature relationships between friends, family members and loved ones, creates pressures and anxieties.  Whether you are in college, the military, or working, this workshop will help you develop skills that will counter these pressures and enable you to make choices that will benefit you for the rest of your life.


Young Parents 

Improve parent/child and parent/parent relationships 

There are staples of parenting and of married life that everyone knows: don't yell at your children or your spouse; take time out for yourselves as a couple.  BUT, in the moment, it is almost impossible to do these things. This workshop presents methods of self-awareness and communication that will allow you to live more fruitfully in every moment, while simultaneously bringing a sense of calm into your everyday world.


Mid-Life "Sandwich" Generation

Improve relationships and reduce stress 

When you are at the stage in life that requires you to take care of your parents AND your children, a whole new level of stress builds.  Whether or not you are close to or with your parents, there are things you can do to reduce that stress, while simultaneously improving the relationships around you. The example you set now may very well be how your children interact with you thirty years from now. Do yourself a favor, take the workshop. Change your life and your future.





Improve relationships with your adult children and make the most of your current network of friends 

Life's changing faster than you'd like. You're no longer as strong and independent as you once were, yet you don't want to be a burden to your loved ones. Your social circle is shrinking. You feel set in your ways, but those ways are changing. This workshop can help you gain the tools you need to make the best of whatever situation you're in. Don't think you can't make the adjustment; YOU CAN!

Workshop Options

On-line workshops are flexible and can be set up according to your needs and schedule.

On-site workshops, for your office, campus, or community center, have four options:


Sessions include an overview of relationships and patterns of communication, both positive and negative, and how they affect individuals; presentation, discussion and practice of various skills each week. 


In additiona to all that is part of the four-part series, these sessions discuss effectiveness and communication styles in depth. (Recommended for parent groups.)


Provides an overview and introduction to the skills that can be learned to improve one's relationships in life. The session is fun and lively but does not allow for real skill acquisition as there is no opportunity to practice or discuss in depth the topics presented.


In addition to all that is part of the four-part and ten-part series, these sessions frequently review material, allowing for new participants to join. (Recommended for senior community centers.)

Please note, these are not therapeutic groups. 

If desired, group and/or individual therapy can be arranged.

Contact Aliza Aziz,

Workshops available in English and Hebrew.

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